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Theodolite Digital HI TARGET DT-02 Laser
Theodolite Digital HI TARGET DT-02 Laser 

Hi-target DT-02L System Features:
• Laser and Collimation Axis – Coaxial
• Visible Laser Point
• Intelligent Calibration
• Absolute Encoding, Accuracy 2”
• Dual Side Large Back-lit LCD
• Laser Plummet
• Laser Visible Up to 200 Meters
Technical parameter DT-02L
Angle Measurement Accuracy 2 ”
Reading system Absolute encoding
Minimum reading 1’ ’ / 5’ ’ / 10’ ’ / 20’ ’ ( Selectable)
Diameter of circle ( VHz) 79mm
Telescopic Image Erect
Magnification 30×
Clear Objective aperture 45mm
Angle of field of view 1° 202
Shortest stadia 2m
Stadia multiplying constant 100
Stadia additive constant 0
Resolving power 43
Laser Pointer ( DT-02L Only) Method Focusing
Wavelength/ Power 635nm/ 1mW
Laser class Class II
Laser range 200m( day time)
Spot size 5mm/ 100m
Coaxial 5mm/ 70m
Display LCD display type Dual side back-lit LCD
Data Interface Serial communication RS-232
Illumination Display yes
Reticle yes
Compensator Tilt sensor Liquid-electric vertical detection
Range of compensator ± 32
Accuracy 1 ”
Laser Plummet Image Erect
Magnification 3×
Angle of field of view 5°
Accuracy 1mm/ 1.5m
Level Sensitivity Accuracy of plate bubble 303/ 2mm
Accuracy of circular bubble 82/ 2mm
Power Supply Battery RechargeableNi-H battery
Continuous operating time 10h
Others Weight of theodolite 4.6kg
Dimensions 164× 154× 340mm
Water & dust protection IP54
Working environment temperature -20° C~ + 50° C

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