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Jual Total Station Topcon Series ES-101-102-103-105

  • Fast & Powerful Reflectorless EDMLongLink Data Communication*Advanced Angle AccuracyThe Longest Battery Life - 36 Hours!Rugged and User-friendly Design

  • *option

Exclusive TSshield technology built-in
Before using the ES, it is necessary to perform the user registration to activate the TSshield.Please click here and read the registration manual.

Fast and Powerful Reflectorless EDM

Fast and Powerful Reflectorless EDM
  • Fast and accurate pinpointing with phase shift technology.
  • Fast distance measurement of 0.9s regardless of object.
  • Minimum reflectorless measurment distance - just 30cm.
  • Improved collimation with super-bright laser pointer.
  • Smaller EDM beam spot size for minimal distance measuring error.
  • Dependable measurement even at shallow incidence angles.
  • Ensures accurate reflective sheet distance measurement.
The ultra-narrow EDM beam can precisely measure walls, corners, manholes on the surface, even chain-link fences and tree branches.

LongLink Data Communication*

LongLink Data Communication
  • Bluetooth® Class1 realizes long distance and stable connection
  • Link between total station and rover-end data collector, both equipped with Bluetooth Class1, facilitates quick surveying only by sighting the object.
* Option

Advanced Angle Measurement System

  • ES features advanced absolute encoders for long-term reliability in all work conditions. Dual-axis compensation ensures accurate leveling even on rough terrain.
  • Motion clamp and tangent screw ensure stable angle measurement.
  • ES-101 and ES-102 feature angle measuring accuracy of 1" equipped with groundbreaking technology for extremely reliable angle measurement.

The Longest Battery Life - 36 Hours!*

  • Just one battery last 36 hours. It runs one week in full charge and no longer requires extra batteries.
    * As of February, 2013.
The Longest Battery Life -36 Hours
7 hours in 5 days for fine single measurement in 30 seconds

Rugged and User-friendly Design

Rugged and User-friendly Design

  • IP66 dustproof/waterproof performance

  • Standard usage temperature range -20ºC to +60ºC. Low temperature models can be used in range -30° to +50°C.*

* Low temperature models are available as options.


  • USB Type A port for convenient added memory. Use of included USB accessory assures IP66 protection.

Control panel

  • Star key [★] instantly brings up functions.

  • Control panel consists of 10-key pad with alphabet entry with LCD for easy viewing of graphics*.

* Control panel location may vary depending on region or model.

trigger key

  • Trigger key lets you take a series of measurements without taking your eye off the telescope.

  • Trigger key is ergonomically placed so that measurement can be taken at any time with just the push of a button.

Green/red Guide Light

  • Green/Red Guide Light is built into the telescope as a standard feature, enhancing setting-out work efficiency in a range of 1.3 to 150m.

  • Built-in laser plummet is equipped for quick instrument setting.

    5 brightness levels are ready for optimum visibility.*

* Option.


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