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Film / Coating Thickness Gauge Benetech GM220

Pengukur ketebalan spesialis untuk produk Film atau Coating
Mendapatkan 1 set kalibrasi film sesuai di gambar
Mengukur presisi dengan rentang 0-1800 micrometer

*Measuring range:0~1800µm
*Resolution: 0.1µm (<100µm) or 1µm(>100µm)
*Use Hi-sensibility sensor for precise measurement
*Zero point, two point and basic, three different calibration
*Measuring mode: Single, Continually and Difference
*Data store/ Data recall/ Data delete function
*Data Analysis: Average, Maximum, Minimum, Standard deviation and measuring times
*Beep sound indication
*Measure in Metric/Imperial
*LCD backlight display
*Low battery indication
*Auto power off
*Power 9V Battery (included)

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