Jual Jual 3 Phase Power Analyser Lutron DW-6095



3 Phase Power Analyser Lutron DW-6095 brings basic power analysis, and fault finding within the grasp of most technicians. Included is a complete, ready to use kit for measuring all power parameters on industrial installations to 1200A, with extension using clamp CP3000 to 3000A.

Power quality problems can cost manufacturing businesses big money and power can be lost through changes in power factor on different boards in your plant or different phases in a board. Facilities can also suffer from very high tariff rates being applied based on short term peak loading. Before determining the best action plan for your operations to minimise this, find out what is happening in your plant power system.

The Lutron DW-6095 provides the most functionality of all the simple power analysers with up to 35 parameters to 600VAC and 1,200A or 3,000A with optional flexible current probes. It includes harmonics to 50th order and captures transient events as dips, swells and outage. Data can be logged at intervals from 2 to 7200 seconds with 30,000 readings on a 2GB SD card for ready analysis in a spread sheet format.

The unit comes as a complete kit with 3 current and 4 voltage probes in a carry bag ready for use. Flexible current probes (CP-3000) for 30, 300, and 3000A are also available as an optional extra for the DW-6095 and connect directly without separate power supply.

The information gained through a plant-wide review with this instrument can guide you in planning steps to reduce your power consumption, and certainly your power bills in future.


    Analysis for 3 phase multi-power system, 1P/2W, 1P/3W, 3P/3W, 3P/4W
    3 current probes (CP-1201) are included, if change the current probes, the calibration procedures are not necessary
    Current probe input signal/ranges with selection:

Input Signal (ACV)

200mV / 300mV / 500mV / 1V / 2V / 3V

Ranges (ACA)

20A / 200A / 2000A / 30A / 300A / 3000A

    Meter can cooperate the universal current probes
    Complete set with 4 PCs Test Leads, 4 PCs Alligator clips, 3 PCs Clamp Probe (CP-1201), AC to DC 9V Adapter, 2GB SD Memory card and Carrying bag

V (phase-to-phase)

V (phase-to-ground)

A (phase-to-ground)

KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (phase)

KW / KVA / KVAR / PF (system)

KWH / KVAH / KVARH / PFH (system)

Phase Angle

    Harmonics display (1-50th order)
    Simultaneous display of Harmonics and Waveform
    Display of Waveform with Peak Values
    Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortiion (THD)
    Graphic Phase diagram with 3-Phase system parameters
    3 Phase Voltage or Current Unbalanced Ratio (VUR, VIR) and Unbalanced Factor
    Calculated Unbalanced Current through Neutral Line (In)
    Capture Transient events (including Dip, Swell and Outage) with programmable threshold (%)
    Programmable CT ratio (1 to 600) and PT ratio (1 to 1000)
    ACV input impedance is 10M ohms
    Safety Standard: IEC 1010, CAT III 600V
    Built-in clock and Calendar, real time data record with SD memory card, sampling time set from 2 to 7200 senconds. Just slot in the SD card into the computer, it can download all the measured valued with the time information (year, month, date, hour, minute, second) to the Excel directly, then user can make the further data analysis by themselves
    Powered by AA (UM-3) DC 1.5V x 8 batteries (Alkaline type) of DC 9V adapter
    Computer data output, can cooperate with optional USB cable (USB-01), RS-232 cable (UPCB-02) and Data Acquisition software (SW-811)
    Optional current probes: CP-1201, CP-2000, CP-200, CP-3000
    User can order the meter only (without the current probes) with the special request as intend to cooperate their own current probe

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