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The Pundit PL-200 is a best-in-class Ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) test instrument to examine the quality of concrete and other materials such as rock, wood and ceramics.
It provides an extended range of measurement modes and superior features for on-site testing: Assess the concrete uniformity using standard A-Scans and the new Line Scan functionality, estimate the compressive strength of concrete or measure the surface velocity and the depth of perpendicular cracks.
The intelligent software supports directly accessible settings in real time from the measuring screen. The highest resolution and sharpest image available in the market allows best possible analysis of the measured waveforms.
Proceq offers an extensive range of transducers for the Pundit PL-200 providing highest accuracy and a proven field track record.

  • Line scans for concrete uniformity assessment
  • Zoom and scroll for precise A-Scan inspection
  • On board storage and review of waveforms
  • Settings directly accessible on measuring screen
  • Dual cursor for manual A-Scan evaluation
  • Separate cursor to measure signal amplitude
  • Improved surface velocity measurement
  • Automatic and manual triggering and user adjustable trigger threshold
  • A-Scan update rate up to 25 Hz
  • Expandable with Pundit Pulse Echo transducer

  50 kHz Pulse Echo Transducer
The Pulse Echo transducer is a shear wave transducer designed for single-handed and two-handed operation. It is particularly suited to testing where access is limited to a single side.
Standar 54kHz TransduserSebuah desain baru dengan peningkatan kemampuan untuk menambah jangkauan dan stabilitas.
150kHz Transduser Memiliki resolusi lebih baik di kelasnya, dengan jangkauan kecil. Cocok untuk bahan butiran halus.
250kHz Transduser Memiliki resolusi lebih baik di kelasnya, dengan jangkauan kecil. Cocok untuk bahan butiran halus.
54kHz Transduser Eksponensial Cocok untuk permukaan kasar tanpa couplant. Saat digunakan dengan Lab Pundit +, tidak diperlukan amplifier luar.
500KHz Transduser Cocok untuk butiran halus, seperti batu dan keramik.
Transduser  Gelombang Geser 250kHzCocok digunakan dengan transduser standar gelombang-P un tuk mengukur elastisitas dinamis materi uji.
Transduser PengikatBerguna untuk pengukuran bahan berkaitan dengan kecepatan permukaan atau kedalaman retak.

Software for downloading saved data to a PC for analysis and export to third party applications.


Pundit PL-200 Pundit PL-200PE
Through Transmission:
Access from two sides
Pulse Echo:
Single side access

Assessment of Concrete Quality
Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
Compressive strength and SONREB Slab thickness from a single side
Determination of crack depth Detection and localization of voids, pipes, cracks (parallel to surface), and honeycombing
Modulus of elasticity
Scan Modes
Line Scans


The ultrasonic test equipment Pundit PL-200 complies with the following standards:
  • EN12504-4 (Europe)
  • ASTM C 597-02 (North America)
  • BS 1881 Part 203 (UK)
  • ISO1920-7:2004 (International)
  • IS13311 (India)
  • CECS21 (China)

      Teknikal Data        
Pundit PL-200
Pundit PL-200PE
Range 0.1 – 7930 μs
Resolution 0.1 μs (< 793 μs), 1 μs (> 793 μs)
Display 7” colour display 800x480 pixels
Pulse Voltage UPV 100 – 450 Vpp
Pulse Voltage UPE - 100 – 400 Vpp
Bandwidth 20 – 500 kHz
Receiver Gain 1x – 10’000x (0 – 80dB) [11 steps]
Memory Internal 8 GB Flash memory
Regional Settings Metric and imperial units and multi-language supported
Battery Lithium Polymer, 3.6 V, 14.0 Ah
Battery Lifetime > 8h (in standard operating mode)
Operating Temperature  

0°C – 30°C (Charging, running instrument)
0°C – 40°C (Charging, instrument is off)
-10°C – 50°C (Non-charging)
Humidity < 95 % RH, non condensing
IP Classification IP54


Proceq’s training modules are strongly focused on a practical approach to routine testing of in-situ concrete quality using the Pundit range of ultrasonic products.

Training facilities are located at Proceq headquarters in Schwerzenbach (Switzerland), Chicago (USA), Singapore and London (UK). All training modules are conducted in English (German, French and Spanish can be organized on demand).

Training fees include all necessary training material and documentation and exclude all travel, accomodation and meal. Course dates are determined by Proceq. Please contact your local Proceq representative.

Essentials of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of Concrete using Ultrasonic Methods
Description Prerequisites Duration Locations Course No.
Characteristics of concrete; overview of NDT methods; ultrasonic pulse velocity principles and methods for assessing compressive strength of concrete, detecting voids and cracks; transducer types; product and practical training (Pundit Lab, Pundit Lab+, Pundit PL-200). Any technical background or prior experience with NDT products will allow quicker and deeper comprehension of the course material 2 days - Schwerzenbach (CH)
- Chicago (USA)
- Singapore
- London (UK)
970 00 300

Advanced Ultrasonic Tomography Applications
Description Prerequisites Duration Locations Course No.
NDT ultrasonic methods to evaluate concrete from a single surface; using tomography to detect air filled voids and cracks; locate structural elements, pipes, ducts and honeycombing. Product and practical training (Pundit PL-200PE); detailed review and interpretation of specific tomographic application examples. Participants are expected to be
experienced NDT users, any on-site ultrasonic experience will allow a focused discussion on specific application issues.
2 days - Schwerzenbach (CH)
- Chicago (USA)
- Singapore
- London (UK)
970 00 400

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