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Holiday detector adalah alat uji kualitas lapisan anti karat, lubang kecil (pinhole), lapisan tipis, retakan
Holiday detector bekerja non-destruktif atau menguji tanpa merusak
Material yg bisa diukur: glass lining, glass reinforced plastic, epoxy coal tar, rubber lining dll
Cara kerja Holiday Detector dengan mengalirkan arus energi listrik pada material yg telah di coating baik baru atau lama. Bila ada lubang kecil atau pinhole  pada coating alat akan berbunyi memberi sinyal (Utk coating baru atau lama)
Untuk coating baru biasanya berupa bubble atau porositas. Untuk coating lama biasanya terdapat regangan antara coating dengan logamnya. 
Holiday detector akan menerangkan untuk aplikasi berapa KV voltase yang di aplikasikan untuk ketebalan coating tertentu.

DJ-6 holiday detector is a high-voltage special detector that is used to detect the quality of metal anti-corrosion coating.
This detector can detect different thickness of coatings, such as glass lining, glass reinforced plastic, epoxy coal tar, rubber lining and so on.
The detector will emit bright sparks and with sound alarm when something is wrong with the coating, such as the emergence of pinhole, air bubbles, fissures and cracks.
As powered by Ni-MH battery, and with small size and light in weight, it is especially suitable for field operation.
The detector is the essential tool used for detecting the quality of metal anti-corrosion coating and can be used widely in many industries including chemical, petroleum, rubber and ceramic, due to its sophisticated design and stable & reliable performances.

1. Applicable detection thickness: 0.05mm ~ 10mm
2. Output High-voltage: 0.6kv~30kv (stepless and continually adjustable)
3. Direct indication of output high-voltage
4. Battery:12V/2800mA
5. Power consumption: about 5W
6. Volume of main detector: 220?30?8 mm
7. Back light
8. Instantaneous boot, and automatic shutdown
9. 3杁igit LCD displays output voltage, and with all-touch panel
10. Alarm: Dual alarm with earphone and buzzer

Packing List:
(1) Type DJ-6 Holiday Detector 1set
(2) High-voltage probe 1 piece
(3) Probe brush 2 pieces 
(4) Connecting rod 1 piece 
(5) Earphone 1 piece 
(6) Backstrap 1 piece
(7) Fuse 2 piece
(8) Manual 1 copy
(9) Warranty Card and Certificate of Conformity 1 copy 
(10) External packing box 1 piece 
(11) Earthing wire 1 piece 
(12) Charger 1 set

Note: Arc brush and circular probe are selectable (any length)
Attached Table for Detection Voltage
Anti-corrosion Material
Thickness of Anti-corrosion Coating (mm)
Detection Voltage (KV)
Epoxy Coal Tar
4-5KV or self-defined
Perform according to standard (if provided)
Oil Asphalt
Polyethylene Adhesive Tape
Based on: 3249TC=V  conversion formula
V: voltage; TC: thickness of anti-corrosion coating
Perform according to SY4014-92 Acceptance Standard
Glass Lining
Determine detection voltage according to previous experience.
Generally, it is 8KV~20KV.
Other Anti-corrosion Materials
Detect voltage according to the design of design department or material insulation

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