HT-225Q Portable NDT Digital Concrete Test Hammer Range : 10-70 Mpa

Concrete Hammer Test Digital HT-225Q

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Impact energy: 0.225kgm (2.207J±0.100J), for testing ordinary building and bridge
construction Rigidity of recoiling tension spring: 785±30.0N/m
Length of pointer: 20.0±0.2mm
Friction of pointer: 0.65±0.15n
Spherical radius of recoiling rod: R25±1.0
Active length of recoiling tension spring: 61.5±0.3mm
Impact length of recoiling rod: 75.0±0.3 mm
Initial bouncing position of recoiling hammer: graduated scale"0"+1
Calibration value on steel anvil: 80±2
Graduating position "100" of shell calibration: overlap with the side of positioning gap of calibrator cover plate of the rebound apparatus.
Consistency of test indicating value: ≦±1
Operating Temperature: -4ºC-+40ºC

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